Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Dear Henr,

Today you turned 16 months. This month you walked! Officially! Yesterday was your first official day in shoes. All day. No fussing. I'm not going to say you are over this hump, because you've only worn your little monkey Robeez from Auntie Niki. But, now I'm going to get online and order every pair of Robeez I can find. Its so different to look for you at a higher elevation, since I'm so used to looking for you crawling on the floor. All of a sudden I see you're little head walk behind a chair or table. Ya little midget.

I can't believe how much you are talking. My favorite word you say is "catch" when we're playing ball. It took a little time to figure out what you were saying, since it sounds like "sss-aaa....ts". I couldn't be prouder that you picked such a hard word too. I mean the "ch" is hard to pronounce, especially when you only have six teeth. You are such an over achiever. And you really do know what a monkey says, it couldn't be cuter.

You also have learned a few more tricks. When I tell you to go close the door, you close it. When we say, "get your juice and bring it to me", you do! You have such a great little demeanor and are such fun to hang out with. People tell us that you are such a sweet kid, with a great attitude, and the usual - "He looks just like his daddy!" - "He's a little clone of his daddy isn't he?"

Of all the concerns I had about having a baby, about whether or not I was even capable of parenting, or dealing with the sleep deprivation, or the expense, or really trying hard not to raise a serial killer, having to deal with a one year old that HATES shoes was not even on the list. Its been the hardest challenge so far. I know. You sleep like a log, always have. You eat like an elephant, always have. You're cute, you're funny, and seem to be relatively smart. But the shoes, the shoes! The shoes are your first official arch nemesis, absolutely out to destroy you.

Loves you boogie,

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