Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Official Declaration

I guess we're making an official announcement today - I'M WALKING!! If it was up to me, I would have declared it last Tuesday, but trying to get my mother to actually throw me a bone and admit that I've hit a milestone is like pulling teeth. And not just the front easy ones, its the really hard and big back molars.

Receive my just rewards,



Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaa!!!!! You are walking! We are so proud of you, what a big boy...there will be no stopping you now; the hard part will be to walk while laughing and giggling uncontrollably...I know it is for me. Hugs & kisses, gammy

GramaE said...

You are a blessing to behold child! Last night at a meeting we had to go around and talk about an angel in our lives. Guess who I talked about? Then it didn't look like the ladies believed me how cute and great you are, you know the look I'm talkin' I said "you people have no idea how special my Henry is." (That got a big laugh). Then I passed around a picture and they became believers! Ha...ha...ha. People just don't know. They think that I'm just another grama know the kind?

I have to let you know that Grampa E. is just DYING 'cause he hasn't seen you in such a long time. He mopes around here thinking about you and worrying that you won't know him anymore. He's making big plans for when you come out here in 2 weeks. He might take you to the bazaar where you can play games and buy pull tabs.

You will go far Henry, Love Grame

gina said...

Oh my goodness it sure is a done deal! You are not only walking, but you're looking pretty steady at it too...and might i say you are about 1 second from running? wow.

love you!
auntie gina

Auntie Mel said...

Way to go Henry. We knew you could do it. We can't wait to see you walking in person in two weeks when you come up.

Love ya big guy
Uncle Larry and Aunt Mel