Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another of Life's Mysteries

One of the great questions of all time. Ever since the dawn of man, one question has tortured even the most brilliant of minds. From Darwin to Einstein, from Freud to Edison, the answer to this dilemma has eluded all. The question you ask, is Cheese stick or beef stick? Even in our house, where every night at dinner is a meeting of the minds, we can't agree on which is best. Here's my choice, what's yours?

Free and easy,



Anonymous said...

truthfully? you're in the midwest, can't go wrong with either, buddy. keepin' it real in the northwest....tash

Anonymous said...

cheese good, meat good, bud light have so much to learn young jedi have they let you try salami with melted cheese on a ritz cracker?
Love you Cody

gina said...

oh come on, cody, who are you kidding? you prefer melted cheese on salami with NO cracker. crackers just get in the way.

sellin' you out,