Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleep Over

Last night I went to dinner with P-man (Palmer) and his cousins Abbylee and Briella. We had a nice dinner at Maynard's. I had grilled cheese, Palmer had walleye fingers, Abby had spaghetti (and most of P-man's walleye fingers) and Briella had, well, I can't remember because she ate it so fast, you'd think she was starving. Its just nice getting together with my friends and enjoying a night of fine culinary delights.

Then we went to P-man's and had a sleep over, only I left at 11:30. Don't tell. Abby read us all a story before we went to bed. I tried to make a break for it, but they caught me. And the whole time P was just lounging out. He's used to hanging out with these girls.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever,

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Chris said...

It looks like lots of fun. I love your shirt!