Monday, October 15, 2007

My New Family

Today I'm dedicating my post to my new auntie Chris. Saturday was her bachelorette party, and my mom attended the festivities. The evening started out with dinner at Buca, every one's favorite Italian restaurant. Lot's of gifts were exchanged, and most that cannot be mentioned here, nor seen or heard about by some one's new nephew.

After dinner they were off to Shamrocks bar in St. Paul. This is where it started getting interesting. The first shots of the night were purple hooters. As you can see, things were still very sophisticated. Then they had pixie sticks shots, and then some kind of Irish bulldog something shots, and that's where we lost count. Even Chris' mom Cindy was getting into the act. Ahhh...mother/daughter bonding. Then there was some kind of grape shot next, and then a face on Chris that I've never seen before. I think its devil shot taker woman. She following that up with a really bad rendition of Delta Dawn with her mom and sister. Here's the tail end of that - warning - listen at your own risk. (I know that's a bad video, but I just had to add it for embarrassment purposes only.)

This is the point where Mom decided she better head out, and come pick me up. I was with the Val's that night. (Yay for me!) Anyway, after talking to Chris today she told us that she ended up making it to closing time at the bars, and she didn't release any other information besides, "Let’s just say there is a potted bush outside Brit’s (Pub) that will never be the same."

The good old days,

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Chris said...

I have no comment about the activities on Saturday. It's good you are not old enough to witness things like that yet. I'm sure we'll have pictures of you doing things like this some day! It sounds like you had fun hanging out with your buddies. See you this weekend!
"new auntie" Chris