Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Someone Call Milton Bradley

I have developed a new game. I know you're all going to enjoy it and we can play it together whenever you come over to my house. I bet we could even play it at your house. Its just that all the official equipment is at my house. Here's what you need: (1) corner in a room, (1) cow chair, and (1) or more people sitting on a sofa or chair across the room. First I go and hide behind the cow chair. This is required because when I can't see people, they can't see me, and I know they don't even know where I am. Then I peek out from behind the chair and say "Boo!" Then the people sitting across the room scream and laugh, and then I scream and laugh. Repeat. This game could go on for hours, or at least until nap time, and I always win.

Don't rub where there's already a rash,


Anonymous said...

We can not wait to play it with you!!!! Did you read the warning about pants cuz, she did it to me again, in my school picture I will just be wearing really long short pants, I am never one to compramise (i can not spell yet?)

Gammy said...

That is the perfect game...especially because it's almost Halloween...ya know.. boo!!! Your Dad loved that game you Henry, gammy

gina said...

tell your mama to video tape that shizz, cause i gotta see it! i love the stripey shirt - you look like a big boy, dude. when did that happen?

love you booger,
auntie gina