Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long Sleeves Are Torture

The days are getting colder here already. The high today is in the mid-50's. I have to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. These I do not like. I tug at my sleeves and whine, and wonder what these things are. Thank goodness they haven't started putting socks on me yet.


PS - I almost forgot!! Its NEW AUNTIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Happy Birthday Chris, and make uncle Derek buy you dinner!!


Anonymous said...

You know what else stinks long pants I almost had a fist fight with mom over them I am a short pants man
Love you Cody
PS Presley hates belts he just wants you to know they are in the future

GramaE said...

I'm afraid your mother has created a bare-footed-onesie-wearin' monster. Don't blame her tho..she just wanted you to be comfortable. And in her defense, it was a %?&#@ hot summer.

Grampa E is starting to get ready for you to come visit. He's concerned about your food and what to have on hand.

Love from Grame