Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We All Knew He Was Alive Somewhere

Happy Halloween everybody! I decided to dress up as The King himself! The King of Rock & Roll! Here's a better look at my costume, and you may notice the flaming guitars on my shoes. They're new by the way. So I celebrated with the "new shoe dance", which is what everyone in my family does when we get new shoes.

Last night we had a pre-Halloween and tried on my costume and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Mom and Dad couldn't believe how I sat there through the whole show and just watched it. I was really rooting for Linus to see the Great Pumpkin. Next year I'm going to sit out in the pumpkin patch with him and wait.



Anonymous said...

Henry, I've seen a lot of Elvis costums, but YOU have the greatest jumpsuit....don't forget your microphone. xoxo gammy

The World According to Hudson said...

I love your Elvis costume!! You are a hunka, hunka burnin love!!! Hudson was a Monkey. You know me, I will try to get the blog updated this week.
Lynsey & Hudson

Laura McIntyre said...

Love love love the costume, so original and you look adorable in it