Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just Buy Me the Peanuts and CrackerJacks

Living up to my name - Hank Aaron - I am LOVING this new baseball game Palmer gave me for Christmas. I can't stop swatting at it and laughing at it. It plays the best music and always tells me I hit a home run! Dad is only slightly disappointed that I have been using my right arm more than my left - but no final decisions have been made at this time regarding my ambidexterity.

Thank goodness for short work weeks! Today is already my last day at daycare for the week and I get to hang out with Mom again tomorrow. Although yesterday when I showed up at Darlene's I felt like a movie star! All the kids were yelling "Yay! Henry's here!" when I came in the door. I hadn't been there for two weeks; seems they missed me!

Over the weekend, another new pal of mine was born. His name is Beau Patrick Fairbanks, and he lives in Evergreen, CO. His dad and my dad are best buds. You can read all about him in his brother Brady's blog when you click here -

I'd like to also give a "shout out" to my cousin's Presley and Cody! I know you guys read my column everyday and I appreciate it! See you soon and may the force be with you!!



GramaE said...

Henry, I couldn't be happier with your choice of sports. Now, I will have to hurry up and retire so I can go to all your games. Oh I can't wait!! Your GramaE

nikicooper said...

Hey Bud
Cool new highchair, sorry we have been behind the 8 ball this week Mom has had a hard time getting us all out the door on time
We can not wait to see you, you look cool playing baseball I have two years on the bases under my belt if ya need any advise
Love you
Presley (and Cody)