Friday, January 05, 2007

My "Rich" Uncle

Hey guys!! Today was a super fun day for me! I got to hang out all day with my uncle Derek! Mom had a dr appt and then when to get her nails done. Whatever. Der and I just hung out all day, I napped, and he talked on the phone. Then we played. It was so fun, and what a treat. Before Mom left, we went to lunch and I just talked and talked all through the meal. Derek even treated us! I have the best uncles!
Tonight we're going out for sushi with Mom and Dad's friend Laurie. I like her too cuz she teaches me stuff like the "slam dunk" and "the j", but she also teaches me things about planning for my retirement and college education. She's my token "math friend." HA!
How y'all diggin' my new high chair? I'm totally rockin' a new ride. I'm lovin' it until "they" all are out of my line of vision, then I have a melt down. I just don't like to be left alone these days. Like today when I threw up all over Mom's outfit, and she had to go upstairs and change clothes and then put the dirty clothes directly in the wash because it was so bad...yeah, I screamed when I was left alone for those 20 seconds....drives Mom crazy. It seems to be happening a little more these days......strangers are starting to frighten me too......Mom is not happy about it....I'll grow out of it....I hope......
Peace Out,
PS - Shout out to my Cuz Jasper - there's a cool pic of us on his blog - with my other cuz Annie and bestest bud Palmer. Check it out.


GramaE said...

Wow Henry, that's quite a high chair you got. It even has a harness to keep you sitting straight. That's better than the two dishtowels we use here at Grama's house when you sit in your mom's chair! You look so happy. I don't know what your mom meant when she said you had a meltdown? Just know that most of the people reading this blog know that your mother exaggerates sometimes. Have a great day! Love, GramaE

P.S. Why did you throw-up?

GramaE said...

Tell your mom she forgot the 2nd P in pumpkin...I was going crazy until I figured it out. :-) Gram