Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kiss This

Hey guys! Hope this finds you all well and good. Mom and I have just been hanging out the last couple days. We went to the grocery store today for our big outing, but we didn't even leave the house yesterday. OK - I lied. Mom went out to get the mail at one point. HA! We've just been playing, eating, and sleeping all day. Maybe a little laundry on the side, but that's about it. Seems all my pals are out of town this weekend too. I'm looking forward to Daddy coming home. Mom's great and all, but I can only deal with so much. She's trying to teach me how to kiss on command. I had it down on Thursday, but yesterday I woke up and forgot the whole thing. So every time I turn around its, "Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!" Good grief lady! Yes, I love you, but jeez. I got it already.

Raise hell and put a chunk under it,


GramaE said...

Oh boy there really is a dimple in one of those cheeks!! Grampa sends "a shout out" to you too babe. He asked me to ask you what "raise hell and put a chunk under it" means? You come up with the darnest things! Keep it comin', we love it. GramE

Anonymous said...

I want to kiss your little cheeks Hank!

Love You!

Brady's Mama