Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lake O' the Woods

Hi there! Today is kind of a sad day for me because my daddy is going on a little "man-cation" with all his buddies "up north." I wish I could go, but Mom says I don't need to get messed up in all that beer-fart, smelly nastiness. But honestly, its all I dream about at night. Someday I'll get to go, and drink beer, and fart, and tell stories and play cards.......someday.........alas........

Daddy, just be careful. I know the ice is supposed to be good there, but be smart and call when you can. Mama and I will miss you a lot. Our plan is to watch as many cartoons as we can cram in, since you don't like to watch them with us. We also might go to McDonald's and get a #2, since you don't like those either. I guess you could say Mom and I are on our own little "daddy's gone so we can watch and eat what we want - cation."

Fish or cut bait,

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