Friday, January 26, 2007

Knee Deep in the Whoopla


I thought I better start practicing my poses for cover shots of magazines. Pretty soon all the big ones will be calling: ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, GQ. Oh, don't forget Men's Health.....I better get to work on my abs! Look out Joey Mauer!

Speaking of St. Paul, I would like to send a shout out to all my new readers on the "East Side." Apparently if you write about my new auntie Chris, half the eastern seaboard tunes in. We had a record day of 33 different readers yesterday. We better watch it or Bill Gates is going to offer me millions to buy me out, just for my readership list. NEVER!!

Yesterday Mom took me to her office for lunch. That was a blast, but they're all a bunch of loons over there. Thank goodness they're only picking out pretty colors, and not saving lives. We'd all be in trouble. Then we went somewhere I've never been! Now that was somethin'. I could do that again, many times. Isn't the world just so much fun, every where you turn around?

It all comes out in the wash,

PS - check out, to see what I bought for my new friend Beau.

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