Monday, January 29, 2007

Man-acation Over

My dad is finally home! He is pretty tired though (he fell asleep on the couch last night), his voice is really hoarse (he didn't sound familiar), and he hasn't shaved in a week (ouch!), but all seems well. He brought us home a load of walleye! Yay! Haven't heard much about what all happened up there. I guess what happens in Lake of the Woods, stays in Lake of the Woods. (I've seen Deliverance.)

Back to daycare today. It'll be weird to not see my mom since we've been connected at the hip for the last 4 days. But the separation should do us good. I was a little uncharacteristically fussy/whiny/crabby yesterday too - maybe a tooth is on the way?

Fight tooth and nail,

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gammy said...

Nicki you are genious at this blogging...I love all thr great stories and I love looking at that sweet, happy baby, Henry...I love ya'all, gammy