Monday, January 22, 2007

Look Out Summer Olympics 2008

Hello! Hope everyone out there in cyber-land is doing well today. Everything on this end is great! It snowed yesterday, not much, but enough to even piss off the Buddha! Yesterday I got to hang with my cousins. I guess that's one good thing about them moving. They come over every Sunday to play while they have an open house at their house, trying to sell it. This way we get to spend extra time together.

I ate bananas for the first time yesterday, so that was a big deal. They were OK, but I thought I'd like them better. Nothing seems to beat the squash yet. Mom thinks I'm crazy. The rolling over is still pretty sporadic. I love to torment Darlene, she still hasn't seen me do it. Then yesterday I got myself all twisted around, but was able to pull out of it into a full back hand spring.

Mary Lou Retton Wannabe - HAJ

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gina said...

awwwwwww henry, you're so sweet. it's so nice of you to share your lazy sundays with your cousins...we know how treasured sunday afternoons are. we love getting to see as much of you as we can, too.

xoxo, auntie gina