Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Been Farmin' Long?

Again - with the celebrity of it all. This morning my new auntie Chris was on the radio talking about the engagement! I mean, this thing is spreading like wild fire! I'm not going to get too excited until Matt Lauer calls. Then we'll really have something. Mom's promised not to call anymore people. She swears.

Look how good I'm getting at standing. Its my new favorite thing to do. Don't these overalls remind you a little of these kids? I want to get that poster and hang it in my room. After all, I got a little farmin' in my blood.

You're a gentleman and a scholar,

1 comment:

GramaE said...

Henry, Your mom....the girl loves the hype!! By the way, you look maaaavalous honey in those overalls. I don't know why you haven't had any on yet (anyway that I've seen). Have you seen those Carhardt's I sent your dad? I've been waitin' to see you in those!!