Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goodbye Catfish

I'm emotionally unavailable to the Vikings.

Last night Mom fed me what they call "pureed green beans." They were actually pretty good at first. I get really excited when I'm eating big kid food. I start squeeling and kicking and moving my hands. But towards the end of the bowl, I was starting to get over them and I would gag when Mom put them in my mouth. She was dying laughing, and then she did it again so Daddy could see. They were both laughing at me. Finally they stopped and put the beans away. Tonight I get my first shot at peas, but I saw there was some bananas in the cupboard, so maybe they'll be nice and let me have those. I'll let you know...

There is some sad news in the Johnston home to report - my first and only pet "Catfish Fancy Pants" passed away sometime in the night. He moved into our new home with us, and helped us deal with the passing of our last fish, Stevie Nicks, who later became known as Terry Schiavo (because she refused to eat.) He lived a wonderful 7 months and brought us a lot of happiness. He'll truely be missed.

AND -for those of you wondering, the mouse count is up to 8, but we haven't seen anything since New Year's day. We're hoping we've turned a "no more mouse" corner.

See you in 2 & 2 - HAJ

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