Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome to the Gates of Heaven

Yesterday we spent most of the day with my cousin Jasper. It was his baptism day! I haven't done that yet, but Mom says my time is coming. Jasper had to get naked and was fully DUNKED into a tub of water, not one, but THREE times. He said it was all cool, but after it was over he was freezing. I was cold, and I had a hat and sweater on. When it was over we went to his house and ate egg bake! Yum-O! Its my new favorite food, along with the orange/cranberry muffin I had a little of. Big kid food is fun!
Today I'm back at daycare with nothing too exciting going on this week. Which is nice because its hard to be booked up all the time. Sometimes I just need to relax!

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