Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Brush With Celebrity

I keep telling Mom, "I'm too big for the kitchen sink! Just too big!" But she doesn't listen. She says it hurts her back and knees too much to bend over the regular tub. She's going to keep this dream alive as long as she can. Well, at least until Dad gets her a new kitchen, but that's whole other blog.

Today has been VERY exciting already! Mom went and stuck her big nosey noserson in her brother's business, and wrote the Pioneer Press the whole story about his and Chris' engagement. They called right back and said they thought the story of the two love birds was great and said they'd publish it. Well - we wake up this morning to this! On the front page of the paper! Above the fold! Things are crazy here! People are even talking about it on the message boards they have for the Winter Carnival. Then - by some strange twist of fate, they also published the actual story that Mom wrote here. What a fun day! Mom didn't mean for this to be their 15 minutes of fame, but enjoy it while you can guys!

Cakes and ale for all,


Brady said...

Hey Hank!

That is great! I must admit that I am relieved though... I was worried that your Uncle Derek was the tarot card reader that coerced teens into having sex or that maybe he was a High School wrestler with herpes... but alas, I found the story of true love wedged between those "other" fine stories in the Pioneer Press. Congrats to Derek!

Derek said...

There was that one time....
Henry, why don't you change that link to the actual story or people might get confused.

Hank's Mama said...

OK, ok, I changed it. This morning it was the "top story." Looks like you've been relaced by herpes. See how fast fame passes you by?

GramaE said...

Yes, it was a day of infamy for your uncle D. However, getting back to YOUR life....No one commented on how darn, dang cute you look in the sink of suds. I really don't know that I've ever seen someone sooooo cute. Send that to Regis and Kelly Lee (like Letterman says)!! Love ya, GramaE

PS. I don't know about anyone else, but it sure has been difficult to get things published on your blog lately. Your great Auntie Mary is having so much trouble that she has not been able to get it through. Makes her so mad. She had written an epistle here one day last week and lost it all. I almost lost one too and then I refreshed the page and thank God it was still there. You keep having to complete this "word verification" stupid thing. I just wish someone would tell my why.

Bridget said...

I had to get all caught up with your blogging and enjoyed every entry for the months of January and February. You are such a great family and Henry is pure fun. Love him.