Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Month 7 Archives

Hi Henry! Mama Johnston here. Its that time again, I didn't even realize it. You turned 7 months old on Sunday. Seven months. I mean, that's almost like you're getting to the point where you aren't so *little* anymore. I'm kind of sad, but looking forward to all of your non-stop babbling you do - to turn into real words. You talk constantly. All day. I hear you sometimes at 3am talking. You are almost always awake at 6am talking and talking. I won't come get you out of bed until 7, but you don't seem to mind. You talk to your toes, to your hands, to your blanket. Its just so funny. You know you get that from your father, right?

Speaking of your blanket - you just love it. I let you have it in your crib with you. Which I know might not be the best idea. But I think you're strong enough to pull it away from you if it becomes a problem. That being said, 98% of the time I come into your room to check on you, day or night, that dang blanket is no where on your body except your face. I find it absolutely hysterical and terrifying all at the same time. When we lay you down for a nap, you are the only baby in the world that gets the giggles. And then when you get your blanket along with it, you just squeal in delight. I know you will, but please don't ever change that about you. We're seeing your cousin Annie, hating naps now at age 2 and getting up in the night. We just know you would never do something like that. (wink)

Milestones this month - the roll over baby! Nice job. I was concerned it was taking so long, but hopefully I'll stop pressuring you one of these days. You've eaten cereal, bananas, green beans, and your favorite so far - squash. We've also given you teething biscuits and sweet potato veggie puffs, (which your dad likes better than you!) You like them, and you put them in your hand, but for some reason you can't quite get them to your mouth yet. You've also been sitting in high chairs out at restaurants with us now. Its nice for us because you've become quite "grabbie" and its easier for your dad and I to eat when you're in your chair. As long as you have your biscuit and veggie puffs.

Your schedule is awesome right now too. You are up for two hours, you nap for two hours, and then you sleep for about 12 hours at night. Its amazing and you're always in a good mood. We go days without you crying. We are having so much fun, and everyone is just amazed at how happy and easy you are. We're kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop. My favorite time is on my days off, when Daddy brings you to our bed in the morning so you can have your breakfast and then we just hang out and play for a couple hours until its your nap time again. Its kind of a lazy thing, when you think of all there is on my "to-do" list, but I figure one of these days you're not going to want to hang out in bed with me all day, so I need to do it while I can.

Loves you, Mama

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