Friday, January 19, 2007

Waskily Wabbit

Good morning! Its a nice cool crisp January morning here in Maple Grove, MN. The sun is shining and I'm already down for my first nap of the day by 9am. Rough life, huh?

Well, yesterday when my parents went to the gym, the daycare they have was really cool and fun. I only got to stay about 15 minutes though, because Mom ended up having a melt down. I know she says I have them, but sometimes she has them too. That must be where I get it. Sometimes she just doesn't like to try new things, and as soon as she walked in, she wanted to leave. No one was around to show her how to use the lockers, she walked all over the locker room and couldn't find the toilet and she had to pee bad! Then there were only certain machines in certain areas she could use, but no one told her which was which, so she turned into a crazy person and left. So much for the 5k this summer. She's very ashamed today, but I don't think she's allowed back to the Lifetime club in Plymouth. They'll get over it.

Here's the video of me in my Jumperoo from yesterday. After a good nights sleep, Mom is back in her right mind and able to deal with machines again. Maybe not snotty people that work at gyms, but she's back on board with computers. Just click here and you can watch my videos. All two of them, but we'll do more.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree,

PS - I waited too long to wear this hat, and now it can't fit on my unusually large melon. Enjoy it while you can.


Brady's Blog said...

ummm... Sorry your Mama had a meltdown Hank! My Mom has them too... my advice would be to just ignore it and make sure she doesn't hurt herself during the tantrum. Remember: the 30's can be a frustrating and confusing age for Mom's.

GramaE said...

Like your parents say...I TOTALLY know what you're talking about with your mom & meltdowns. Though she's been so much better lately, apparently that dirty little secret still comes out now and then. This behavior may show itself off and on throughout your life. Wait til you become a teenager!! God bless her! GramaE