Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ask and Thou Shalt Receive

I wore those Carhardt overalls yesterday Grama - so here ya go! Here's another one for you! The overalls are awesome! They're just like Daddy's and they fit me perfectly. Thank you, thank you!

So I thought today was just like any other Thursday: get up, eat, hang out, go back to nap...the usual stuff. All of a sudden Mom gives me this, and loads me into the car. I fell asleep because she drugs me, and the ride to where we're going is about 45 minutes with traffic. Anyway, look at what happened to me!! I was not prepared! I had to get the second of two flu shots. Geez, I forgot about it and then they hit ya like a Mack truck. (Side note: my thighs are taking over the whole house, we might have to move.)

Not much else going on today - we're getting ready for the big game on Sunday. Mom's planning what she's going to bring. Sounds like a fun day, I can't wait.

Flattery will get you everywhere,

PS - I changed a few things - hopefully posting a comment will be easier. Let me know if its not.


nikicooper said...

Hi sweet boy we are so sorry about the shots.....We love you
ps skinny thighs are so last year just ask Tyra

GramaE said...

Oh Henry, you look so rugged and manly in your Carhardt's! Looks like they aren't too baggy at the waist either? Your mom didn't say what your weight was yesterday at the MD's office. Anyway, now what should I request that you wear tomorrow...Hmmmm. Til then, Gram

PS - Contributing to your blog is MUCH easier today...thanks to your mom, would ya!