Wednesday, February 21, 2007

8 Month Archive

Dear Henr,

Look at you. So big, so, so very big. You're over 20lbs now kid. I can't hardly carry you around anymore in that car seat. Daddy and I see a new one in our near future. You're almost to the point where you're going to be one of those kids whose parent's actually carry them into stores and restaurants without the car seat. Kind of sad. Those were fun times. You're turning more into a little kid, with less baby sprinkled in.

You still don't have a tooth to save your life. You want one BAD. But nothing yet. The way you were eyeing my spaghetti last night, I woulda thought it was a bowl full of homemade whipped cream. (Your favorite food so far.) As far as foods go, you eat all your veggies and fruits. You like everything, and thank you for that. I hear some kids don't. So far, so good. And the sleeping - you're a rock star. Seven to seven at night, three naps during the day. Lovely, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You've been nothing but giggles lately. In the mornings, in the evenings, all you want to do is play and giggle. We love it. Oh, and your favorite thing to do is stand. All stand, all the time. No, not sit, not lay, just stand. You squeal with joy when you are eye level with the coffee table. I have a sneaking suspicion that walking is in your future sooner than later, and maybe not the crawling. Which, kind of irks me because they say crawling develops better eye hand coordination, and how are you going to be able to hit a baseball 500 feet without eye hand coordination? We'll deal with it if the time comes. And for record keeping purposes, you fell and hit your head on said coffee table this weekend, while your G-ma E was supervising you. She feels just awful about it, but I just had to mention it and place the blame. You didn't get a bruise or red mark or anything, but you cried. Then she cried. But you're fine. (Mom, you need to get used to the idea that you did not hurt Henry.)

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy! You're growing so fast, you can slow it down if you wanna. OK - please don't, otherwise I'm just going to worry that you aren't developing like the other kids your age and then I'm going to get all stressed and worried. Looks like I need to get used to the idea that you're a healthy and happy little boy.

Mama loves you.


Anonymous said...

Sleeps 7 to 7 AND takes 3 naps?! What is Mom doing with all of her time? You shouldn't have admitted that!! No sympathy for you!!! LOL.

By the way... we (Kelly and I) think that you need to send some pics of Hank to Gerber and maybe even get him an agent... he is so damn cute. I am not kidding.

Brady's Dad

NesaRae said...

Henry, you are the perfect child and I miss you. I hope you all can visit us in our new house asap!! I can't believe your Gma E is such a bad supervisor! (JUST KIDDING LINDA!!)

gina said...

when annie went to the doctor yesterday she was 24 lb 12 oz...and she's 2! dayum boy, what was in that milk your mama had?!

linda - my parents have been responsible (i mean not responsible) for a couple of bumps and bruises in annie's life and she still thinks they are the best people ever. don't worry!