Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Aftermath

You talkin' to me? Are you, talking, to me? Hmpf. OK, that's my best DeNiro, and that's my shout out to the Oscars tonight! The only movie I saw was Little Miss Sunshine, so I think she's going to win them all!

Last night ended up as a bust. The blizzard did finally move in, just in time for "New Auntie" to come over and for the parents to go to their party. It was just too bad out side, so we called NA and cancelled, and then, after Mom put on her new shoes!, perfume!, AND eye-liner!, they decided it was in every one's best interest to stay in for the evening. We did venture out slightly and made a visit to the Greeks while we waited for Pizza Man to make us a pie. It was fun regardless, but we're all still bummed we didn't get to do what we wanted.

Here's a look at the aftermath. They say we got about 10", with another 4 or so coming yet today. Daddy's out taking care it right now. I call this one The Free Snowblower. The sweet little Pheasant Family seems to have quite a road ahead of them, and, as usual, Buddha grins and bears it!

Footloose and fancy-free,

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