Thursday, February 22, 2007

Filthy Animal

Does it bother anyone else that there's a shark behind me? I mean, it could eat me in one bite!! No one seems concerned. Every one's just saying "smile" and waiting for the shark to get closer, and there's only a thin, thin sheet of glass between me and certain doom. But no, please, don't get up.

Today was my first trip to the zoo! Mom thought I was too young and didn't think I'd get into it too much, but I LOVED it! It was so exciting to see all the fish and the birds and the tigers and we heard a bear ROAR! We ran out of there so fast! We couldn't see the bear, only hear it, and it was so loud and scary! Mom thought the bear escaped and was after us, so we boot scooted to AppleBees right then and there! Whew! I had an awesome time and can't wait to show Daddy. He's never been there! Can you believe it?

It's like talking a dog off of a meat wagon,

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GramaE said...

I'm thinkin' a small brush with the coffee table can't compare to the potential danger of a shark attack, do you? Just wondering who the responsible adults are here? Boy, good thing we aren't planning on visiting this weekend, sounds like we all are in for the "big one". Maybe you might get to go sledding (if you only had a snowsuit)!

Livin' on memories of last weekend....GramE