Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blur

You can't stop me, you can't stop me! You can only hope to contain me. Look fast, cuz you don't wanna miss the BLUR!

Well, all's good here on the home front. Although I did have a nightmare last night and woke up crying at like 9, but as soon as I saw my papa, I felt much better. Whew. I just thought that a giant sippy cup was going to suck the life out of ME, and I tried to scream but nothing came out and I tried to run but it felt like my arms and legs weighed a thousand pounds, and *pant, pant, pant*, everything is fine now.

We're planning a short weekender trip to SD this weekend. Sounds like we're in for another snow storm though, but should be clearing up by Friday. I hope so. I have this urge to hit the road. Feel the wind in my hair. Explore new horizons. Eat at Nick's Hamburger Shop.

Rise and shine,

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