Friday, February 16, 2007

Lost and Found

Someone left this hat at my house. Do any of you recognize it? Its was left here on Saturday. It seems odd, because I think its a kid's hat. Because its small, but there weren't any kids here that night. The only answer I can think of, is its Bridget's hat or I have an unusually large head.

Well, G&G E are on their way. We have been in constant contact and watching the radar all day. They took a risk and we're hoping it pays off. They should be here in a couple hours if everything goes as planned! I CAN'T wait!

Save Gas, Eat Beans!


Palmer's Mom and Pop said...

Henry, you're going to have to tell your mama to lay off the "good stuff". There WERE kids at her house on Saturday (mental note taken on your mama's ability to comprehend children in the house).
Poor Palmer froze his ears off this week (he does have a big head... we all know it).

Brady said...

Hey Hank!

hope you are well... maybe your head is little on the large side.. BUT how else were you going to store that big brain of yours?! Don't let "small minded" people bother you!