Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lemme Outta Here

Wouldn't you know it. It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm stuck in jail. Mom said to not even bother to call her for bail money, because she won't come get me. Luckily Dad is a softy, and he promised to get me out before half-time.

Its still freaking freezing here in MN. I wouldn't be able to survive without my new best friend. Mom says she couldn't make it without her best friend either. Thank goodness we have these things to count on.

We went to the gym today and then we've spent the rest of the day cooking for the party. Here's one thing Mom made. Through this trial period, she learned not to add that extra layer, which made the cake to high, and is now smooshed in the cake carrier. Life lessons here people. We also made chicken fingers and deviled eggs! Sounds like it will be quite the spread.

Go Colts!

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GramaE said...

I have a picture of your mother at about your age that looks exactly like that forlorn one that was posted today. When you laugh, you look like your daddy and when you pout you look like your momma! Hee-hee. LOVE YOU LOTS EITHER WAY!
Grama Linda