Monday, February 19, 2007

Future Jackrabbit

This is my future. Pretty much no matter what happens. Mom says I'm a Jackrabbit, unless I get a scholarship to go somewhere else. She tells me its a big school and they have all kinds of different things to study there. She says there has got to be something there that I will be interested in, and that she thinks I will excel in all my finance classes. Whew. I'm glad that's all planned out for me.

G-ma & G-pa E left this morning. We had a long, nice weekend together. We ate out for every meal! So much for trying to slim down my thighs. They are so much fun to have around and I can't wait to spend a week with them next month. Last night we went out for the "Meet the Fockers" dinner. We met my new auntie Chris' mom & dad! They are very nice, and her mom, Cindy, was nice to me even though I was screaming. You can't blame me. No one was really paying enough attention to me, so I decided to start yelling. This way someone was always holding me and walking me around the bar in the restaurant. Its a great way to pick up chicks.

With wind swept hair,


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,

You're stylin look sooo handsome in your Jackrabbit bib. Being an SDSU alumni myself, I have to say your mama is one smart woman (I'm sure daddy already knows that). At Jackrabbit U, there is fun, friends, and an excellent education, did I mention fun? You have a few years to prepare Mommy and Daddy for the day you'll being waving bye bye from your college window.

Anyway, so glad G-ma & G-pa E could spend some time with you this weekend.

God bless and Go Jacks!

Brady said...

Come on Hank! Don't commit so soon!!! I am sure SDSU is great but don't you think you will be tired of freezing your ___ off by then?! Here's the plan: You and I will tour a few schools together: Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, USC. I am sure our Dad's would love to pay big $$$ to send us to school where we can party and pick up on girls. Education? is that really what this is about?

Talk to you soon,