Friday, February 02, 2007

5. Honestly, 5.

Can we talk about how cold it is? I mean honestly. Its 5 outside right now. 5. And I think that's being generous. Tomorrow the high is -4. -4. Most of the problem is that Mom & Dad knew the furnace was questionable. Just like the air conditioner didn't do much cooling this summer, now the heater isn't doing much heating. We're all in layers and blankets, and Dad says, - "Just keep putting layers on. Its fine." I'll *fine* him, right into next week.

We made another attempt at going to the gym again today. Mom dealt with it much better. She actually signed up this time, and got her membership. The people were very nice and showed her how to use the lockers. She just needs to do these things in her own time. I had fun at their daycare, until one of the people that work there decided to put me down, instead of holding me the whole time. Can you believe it? Well, I let her know who's boss. I don't think that will happen again.

The lights are on but no one's home,



Derek said...


I have been noticing drool marks on a lot of your pictures. Your shirts always have a nice little puddle on them. That's pretty cool.

Uncle Derek

Brady said...

I thought Minnesotans were immune to the cold?!?!?! That is pretty damn cold though! We were 7 degrees this morning, with snow and wind.. SWEET. This winter is killing us. I might go around Evergreen and look for the medallion tonight.

GramaE said...

Henry, I got a call yesterday from one of the nurses I work with. She told me she checked out your blog and while she was there, she read the whole thing. Said she just couldn't quit...took her 2 1/2 hours! She even saw your jumper video! Can you believe it? She's a reeaaaally nice lady too. She thinks you are pretty cool too. She lives in Ipswich, SD. Also, for some reason I was looking at your "profile" again. You say you are a Capricorn. Tell your mom to check that again because GramaE is a Capricorn and was born in were born in June? I'd love to be the same sign as you, but cannot be. Oh well, anyway....another great pix today. You rock! Love, G