Monday, February 05, 2007

Green Bean Delight

Good for Peyton Manning! Good for Tony Dungy! I'm very glad the Colts won the Super Bowl! Finally, one of my teams comes through. The Colts have always been my back up team when (not if) the Vikings seasons go down the drain. My first Super Bowl party was fun too! Lots of kids and food and dogs. My favorite dog is my cousins' dog Ferris. Dad says I'm the only one that likes him. And he kept running away from me! Dad said that was typical Ferris - the one person that actually wants him around and Ferris stays away just to go bother everyone else.

I keep forgetting to send a shout out to my other new cousin (step-2nd cousin) Hudson! Welcome to the world my bro! I can't wait to meet you the next time we head south! Don't come up here until summer, trust me. (-16 below this morning. The house is a balmy 60 degrees. Please Dad, just call the HVAC guy!)

Life and soul of the party,
PS - Happy Birthday to my namesake! Here's to doin' it with class and by the book.

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GramaE said...

And you all thought you were cold at our house!! Check with your Dad about a new furnace.

Am so glad you LOVE your green beans (well, that may be a little overstated). Daddy can plant them in his garden.

It snowed here today. Everything is white. Love, GL