Saturday, February 24, 2007

Doggie Jammies

Don't ya just hate it when you go to a store, try something on, and in the dressing room, with their tricky mirrors, the out fit looks perfect. And you're like, wow, I can't believe I fit into that size, and you're really feeling good about yourself. Then you get home, and you put on the exact same outfit to show off to your mom and dad, and this happens! I mean these are my brand spankin' new doggie jammies! I've never worn them before, Mom hasn't even washed them! And here they are. I gotta hit the treadmill.

As for the blizzard, there isn't much going on yet. There was no snow this morning, but its just recently started. They are still saying we're going to get a foot, but who knows. Mom & Dad are actually leaving me tonight with "New Auntie" while they go to our pal Laurie's birthday party. Mom said it should be a blast cuz Laurie's always going to be older than her. Anyway, I can't wait for Chris to get here! Is it 6:30 yet?

It's not the heat, it's the humidity,

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GramaE said...

Henum, That's why they make stretch! That snap just happens to be in the wrong place. Those jammies are soooo cute. I think they fit perfect. Good for the rest of the winter. They will keep you warm and comfy. Nothing else matters. Love, Gram