Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Great Adventure of 2007

I'm back, I'm back! I know you've all been wondering what happened over the weekend. You didn't hear from me, there were blizzard warnings, but no Hank! Well, call off the search party. (Although we almost needed one, but that story is coming, so stay tuned.) My brilliant (cough) parents decided, over diet Cokes (no alcohol involved) on Friday that it would be a great idea to take a road trip to South Dakota. Keep in mind, it was the day after the biggest blizzard to hit in around 9 years, and the most snow fall MN has seen in one week since something like '82. This is my story:

We hopped in the car around 1:30 on Friday afternoon, heading south on 169. The temperature is around 8. But everything is just great. The roads are wet, but not slippery, so we're thinking no biggie, what's all the fuss about? We then hit Belle Plaine, apparently these smaller towns don't have the big budgets that the city does for salt, chemicals, and plows, and now the road are snow packed ice. Dad says, "Its just bad in these open areas." Mom and I look at him like he's nuts. Where does he think we live? We get to St. Peter. Mom says, "Do you think they have a hotel here?" But Dad talks her into forging on. We then hop on 99. The longest stretch of 12 miles this side of the Mississippi. Snow packed and for some reason lots of traffic. Dad says, "Henry, I think your grandpa E would punch me in the face if he knew we were out here." We all agreed.

After many mini -heart attacks from Mom, Dad wiping his hands on his jeans to get the palm sweat off, three hours, and a chat with the local police in New Ulm, we decided to stop in Sleepy Eye. After all, we hear they have a new hotel with a pool! We got the suite and everything! The view outside our window should tell the whole story. You can see Dad's truck in the parking lot. Not cool. We had a nice dinner at a local establishment, and I was a hit with all the grandpas in the place. Mom had a realization that if she lived in this town, that she probably would've married someone that wears a "Ski-Doo" jacket. Sweet. She thanked Dad for marrying her again.

We were off again the next day, but I have to apologize, there are no photos documenting this leg of our journey. Mom was too freaked to take photos. If we thought the roads were bad the day before, we didn't know what we were in for on Saturday. We headed out around 9:30, and we thought, slow and steady, we'll get there when we get there. It was 8 degrees again, but nice and sunny. Which only blinded us, and camouflaged the higher-than-our-truck-snow-drifts that were in our lane. We needed a pilot car as we waiting for cars to pass, so then we could drive on the one lane of highway available to all that wish to risk life and limb for no reason except "cabin-fever."

All drama aside, we made it, we stayed an extra day because none of us had the mental fortitude to get back on the road again the next day. We promise to all to never do that again. Ever. We'll just hop on a plane and go somewhere warm like smart people do. Take it as a lesson.

It goes without saying,

PS - Since its been a while since my last posting I have a few shout outs to get caught up on:

  • Most important shout out to Gammy - DONE WITH RADIATION!! She's done with all of it, and has been declared cancer free!! Can't wait to see you again, and I love you!!!
  • Happy Birthday to Great G-ma E, and Uncle Larry E! Maybe I will see you guys when I go to Aberdeen next week.

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