Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life Lessons

I've been meaning to write about my cousins that moved to Texas. I miss them so much already and its only been a couple weeks. Its just a bummer that I can't call them on the phone and see if they want to play. At least I got to hang out with them all day on the day they moved. We had one last hurrah!

Before they left, I wanted to give them something to remember me by. I worked with Jasper all afternoon trying to teach him how to sit up all by himself. He was doing awesome, but there were a few slip ups. All in all, I think it went well and these skills will definitely be something he'll use in the future.

Annie was a bit more complicated. If you remember back, I was taking some medical classes, and I thought if I taught Annie how to be a doctor, she would be able to find a good job and help support her family in Texas. I taught her how to check a baby's temperature and change a diaper. I think, if nothing else, she's going to be a great help to her mom and dad with taking care of her little brother.

I hope they are having a great time in their new town. And we'll be there soon enough for them to teach me the ways of the world at the Alamo.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder,

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gina said...

oh henim, we miss you and your mommy and daddy so much. you have to come visit us soon and play in our new house...when we get one. you did a good job keeping annie and japper in check on moving day. thanks buddy. love auntie gina