Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Missing In Action

Good morning! I'm sorry I was MIA yesterday. My mom got really sick, and she wasn't able to help me get on the computer. She's feeling a little better today, but still not 100%. Its totally a bummer, because we didn't get to play together at all yesterday. Dad wouldn't let me anywhere near her. She was BAD though, so I didn't want to get close to her either. She keeps blaming me for these illnesses that she gets. Dad and her both say that the only time they were ever sick, before I came around, was when they'd have the 3.2 flu.

Today is my last day at school for almost 2 weeks now. I am really looking forward to going to stay with my G-ma & G-pa E for a whole week! I know they have lots of things planned and lots of playing to do. I promise to be on my best behavior. I will miss my parents, but sometimes I just need a break from them. This will be good for everyone.

How do you like them apples?

PS - I wanna send a shout out to Gammy! Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to see you in a couple months, and thank you for the box of new clothes! I love them!!

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GramaE said...

Yes Henry, We are so excited that you are coming to visit us tomorrow. We have your schedule and menus planned. My only dilemma is whether we should lower the Pack & Play in case you decide to try and pull yourself up in bed. Mom says you haven't done this yet, but I just think about all the time you spend in bed and how much of that is awake time? Time you could figure out to do something new. Note to self: just put it down. Anyway, take care of your parents may note some tears as they anticipate their separation from you. They will probably need to take some Jose Cuervo for that ailment while they are gone. See you tomorrow!
Love, GramE