Monday, March 12, 2007

New Ride

Check out my new wheels! Have you ever seen any thing like this? You can only find them at your local Slumberland super stores. It had a steering wheel and everything! Too bad Mom hated all the furniture, so my ride was brief. So long, reptilian automobile.

My day back at school. Lini said today that there will be no more screwing around and she's going to really buckle down and get me crawling! I can't wait. I bounce up and down, trying to get places, sometime so hard that I flip myself forward and fall right on my face. I'll keep you posted. She was very impressed with my new talent of CLAPPING! Yes, I'm a clapper! Now I can patty cake, and show how excited I am, and most importantly, help Mom with her cheers! Go. Big. Green and Gold!!

Just wait till your father gets home,

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Bridget said...

This is Frannie here. I think you should have bought that car for Henry - he looked adooooooorable (sorry about that long word). I've been reading your blog and I didn't know he could write and talk!!!! I've been growing a tooth too. Meat is like...the most best thing you've ever had (especially pork).