Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hi Mama!

This is a video of me and my Mama. Grandma took this at the restaurant when I saw her for the first time after their vacation! As you can tell, I was VERY excited to see her!

Last night was a blast! It rained all night, but we still grilled brats for everyone. I got to play with my buddy Patrick and we watched Thomas the Train. Patrick also was trying to teach me to crawl and walk. For the first time, I actually took a few steps while someone was holding my arms. I'm telling you, crawling is for the birds, walking is where its at. I'm going to run in fact, walking is too slow!

Tonight we're going to dinner with Brooke & Jared, a friend of Mom's from work, who is also Lini's niece! I can't wait to hear all the dirt on Lini and then I'm going to tell all the other kids at school.

Break a leg,


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