Thursday, March 22, 2007

Food is Fun

Hi gang, Today I thought I'd dedicate the blog to food. I LOVE MY FOOD. I love fruits, cereal and vegetables...I love snacks & juice and of course my formula. Sometimes Grama laughs so hard at my love of the food that she can't keep the camera straight. She's kinda weird sometimes. Grampa thinks I'm blowing on the food to cool it off. I get so excited that I can hardly stand it sometimes. Grama bought me a cake for my birthday yesterday. Of course I couldn't eat it, so I had a cookie instead. Grampa thinks I should be eating meat by now. He also thinks I should have just a little sugar in my cereal. These are things I know are out there, but I will wait until my Mama says I can have it. I should tell you though that Grama fed me prunes yesterday and before the day was out, she swore she will NEVER do that again. I loved 'em anyway....Ha! Today we went to Subway for lunch with my Great-Grama E and Great Uncle Larry (I also have an Uncle Larry and cousin Larry too!). I ate peaches there. Anyway, I'll leave you for today as I wait for my next meal.
Waste not, want not.
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

You are hysterical!!! We miss you tons and we can´t wait to see you!!! We´re so love love Mama & papa

gina said...

oh henim, you look like your mama in that picture! i love the vest -gramae sure keeps you spiffy! miss you, bubba.
love auntie gina