Friday, March 09, 2007


It's finally happened! I got my first tooth! I can't believe it! I'm already practicing chomping down on the spoon when Mom feeds me. This is so exciting!! Just think of all the doors this opens up for me! MEAT! Well not yet, but SOON! I really tried getting a good photo for you to see my one, glorious pearl, but this happened, then this. If you look really close you can maybe see it here. I'll try to get better shots for you as it reveals itself.

Other than gazing at my new chopper, we're not doing much today. Mom started packing for her trip. Although the whole thing could blow up because she still doesn't have her passport! I know, duh. She called to check on it today and its still in Seattle. She had to pay way too much more $$ to get it "expedited" and then have it sent "express air" by Friday. Jill, at the passport office didn't seem real concerned, but of course my mother the worrier is worrying. Keep your fingers crossed!

The be-all, end-all,

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GramaE said...

Oh this just couldn't be more exciting!! You beat your mom by 4 months! Now there will be another person vying for the crispy strudels. So glad your mom got to find it first too. :-)