Monday, March 19, 2007

Traveled West

Hello Everyone, I had a great night's sleep and am rarin' to go. As I was sayin' I am at great-Grama E.'s house in Bowdle, SD. I played with her birthday fun. I was a little shy with her until she started feeding me with vegi-puffs. Great Aunties Lydia and Eleanora came to see me too. So did great-Grama's friend, Verna, she really made me laugh. I liked her fancy!! We ate the chocolate cake there. I tried to nap afterwards, but just couldn't find the ZZZ's. On our way home we stopped at G & G E's friends Esther and Greg. I was sleeping when we got there, so they let me nap in the car seat until I woke up. I felt great then. They have a grandson too and so Esther found some snacks for me while the rest of them had artichoke dip and wine. We had fun there. So much fun that I didn't want to leave and cried almost all the way home and that freeked Grama and Grampa (Ha...note to self, might be useful in future). When we got back to Aberdeen, all I needed was to snarf my food and then I was fabulous!! Anyway, it was a fun day and now today we are going to Target to buy me some stuff. Grama E. left my formula holder at great-Grama's. She's so forgetful when I'm with her. I find I do that to people!!

Hand to mouth existence.

I'll check in with you all again tomorrow,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Booger! You look great! You look big! And your cheeks, I wanna eat them up! My tummy hurts I miss you so much. We are going on a boat ride today, I know...I said I would never go...we shall see. Love you, be good and eat your veggies! Love Mama & Daddy