Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy To Be Home

I'm home! I'm home! They came back! Mom & Dad came back! I wasn't sure if they would or not, it was 9 days! When I first saw them, I bet it took me a full minute for it to register in my head who they were. I just stared and stared at them for the longest time and then it clicked! I had a perma-grin the rest of the day. We played the whole day yesterday and I even got to stay up until 8 playing. Its nice to be home in my own bed with own stuff.

Not that I didn't have fun with G&G E! They were a blast! As you can see from my entries last week! I just wanna thank them SO much for taking care of me, the new clothes, the adventures, all of it! Mom and Dad think I got a lot smarted staying with them too. I learned clapping much better, I learned to kiss my reflection in the mirror, and I learned how to point to things! My parents said that they think I really grew up while they were gone. I don't know, I feel the same. Hmmm.....

Finer than frogs hair,

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