Friday, March 16, 2007

Group Hug.....

Hi Everyone, this was me, Momma and Daddy doing a group hug when I was about to leave to go with Grama & GrampaE so Mommy and Daddy can go on a much needed vacation. I miss them so much already! I also was sad to have to say goodbye yesterday to my cousins Annie and Jasper who had to go with their Mommy Gina and move to Texas. Just too many goodbyes! Grama is helping me do my blog tonight. She's not the best at it and this is her 3rd try as she is having technical difficulties. Anyway we're gonna publish this right now and not do anything fancy until tomorrow, when I'll give you all the lowdown on life in Aberdeen, SD.
"That went over like a pregnant pole vaulter!"
Bye! HAJ

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Kelly said...

Great job on the blog, your loyal readers will hardly notice the transition! We look forward to more!