Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Keep Practicing

Grampa makes me practice crawling all the time...but what I like best is standing. It's my favorite thing to do. I LOVE IT!!! I only fell once, but right on the carpet so no biggie. I didn't even cry. This ottoman is the best. Perfect height for me. I'm even learning how to run the remote. Grampa and I watched a new DVD on learning sign language. I liked it a lot. Mama wants me to learn sign...I will try real hard to do good. Remember I told you about the chocolate cake? I helped Grama and then Grampa gave me a treat. We had a big day today and it's time for me to go to bed. We went to Great Grama E's and I will show you her picture tomorrow and tell you all about our trip, but I'm so tired now. I couldn't nap the way I should.
Take the bitter with the sweet.

My Butt's Dragin'
PS - Shout out to Mama and Pappa. I miss you so much too. Grama shows me your picture every day and I get soooo excited to think about being home with you again. Meanwhile though, I'm doing good here. Keep having fun. Hope Mama is feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Little one! I´m glad to see you hit the chocolate hard! Nice. I am feeling a little better, still blowing my nose like crazy. Everything is good here, I have a bit of a sun burn, nothing too bad though. We are off to lay by the ocean and read. Missing you so, Mama & Papa