Saturday, March 10, 2007

Haute Cuisine

I went to my friend Palmer's house the other night. We played and played, and then had dinner together. I love to go to his house for a meal. His mom, Martina, is a great cook! She knows just the right temperature and consistency for my formula. I always leave her a big tip, like...don't eat yellow snow!

Today we plan to run all kinds of errands. Not sure what those are yet, but its going to be almost 50 degrees outside today and we need to get out and enjoy it. Mom and Dad are going to go tanning so they don't get completely fried on their vacation. The best part of the day is that my uncle Derek and New Auntie are coming over for dinner and playing and I can't wait! Maybe we should invite Martina over to cook.

Soak up the sunshine,

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