Friday, March 23, 2007

Play Date

I had a really fun day today. I went to visit my Grama's friend Reenie's house and I got to meet Emma and Claire (and Jim & Sara). Here they are. Claire is just 6 weeks old, but she's really smart and smiles already. I loved Emma. She made me laugh. We watched Bambi together and she brought a bunch of her old toys for me to play with. I hope we can play together again soon! Today was a really nice day. Grama and I went for a walk this morning and I found out that you can see her from the stroller if you turn around and look up. I also played in the sunlight and met my shadow. I had a great time bobbing up and down with him. Tonight Grampa fed me chocolate AGAIN. Only one more day and I will be with Mama and Papa again. I really miss them. Grama was hoping that I would learn to crawl while I was here, but it doesn't look like that will happen. I do scoot on my butt when I sit. I've also been seen pushing myself backwards when they make me lay on my tummy. All in all, I'm doing great and love my life.

A place in the sun!

Just me, HAJ

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Anonymous said...

Again with the new clothes...someone spoils you.....

We're officially home from vacation and are dying to see you tomorrow!! WAAAHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!! We just hope you remember us.

See you tomorrow booger! Mama & Papa