Friday, March 30, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I finally have the time to update you all on Mom and Dad's vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They had a great time, are relaxed, and very tan. Although they seem to be looking more and more Minnesotan now that they're back. The kicker for the entire story to come, is that Dad told Mom to bring a certain memory card for her camera, and she did. This card ended up holding TEN photos. Yes, ten. So, if you thought you were about to have to sit through a butt load of someone's boring vacation photos, rest assured, it is a very small butt.

The hotel was very nice. They had a suite with two rooms and two flat screen TVs. Dad loved that. A great view, and a hot tub out on the terrace. Gotta love that. They took the trip with a guy named Rick that Daddy works with and his family. Mom always thinks he looks like Dad, only 20 years older. This is the best she got of them together.

Mom had great visions of me doing an entire blog entry dedicated to "towel art". But again with the "only ten photos". Their maid made them little creatures she formed from their bath towels everyday. There was a giant swan, two swans kissing, a doggie, and then a little Eskimo person (we think) and a heart with rose petals on it. No photos of some of these but thank God they saved this one!! I swear, if I'm not there to supervise these two, everything goes to pot.

They had great adventures also like deep sea fishing. Although they didn't catch anything and the sea was very angry that day.... Mom couldn't speak through the whole 4 hour boat ride because she was scared that if she opened her mouth, puke would come out. Lovely. Another day, Dad and some of the others took the ferry across the water to Cozumel and spent the day on scooters "touring the island" (AKA - bar hopping.) Mom had enough with boats, so she stayed back with Rick's wife, Dani (again, sorry, only 10 photos) - and they went to the marina. They saw all kinds of dolphins, manatees, seals, sea lions, and a sloth. One of the ever cherished photos is of a sloth with a baby sloth on its tummy, making its way down a rope. There were dolphins that followed it all the way down - you'll see what I mean here. That is a pretty cool picture.

So, that about sums it up. A good time was had by all. I'm looking forward to tonight. We are having some friends come over to BBQ, but its been raining all day. Poor Dad will have to stand in the rain and cook. Oh well, just glad its not me! I already spend a good deal of my time in the rain today. We went with "New Auntie" Chris to have Mom get sized for her bridesmaid dress, then lunch at TGIFridays, where I got an AWESOME balloon from Corey, our waiter. I should have taken a photo of him; we had the same hair do. Then we went to Target. It was raining that whole time. I'm sick of it and need to see the sun!!

Bottoms up,

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