Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Bro

Today would have been my big brother, Charlie's 6th birthday! Wow. I wonder what it would be like to have him around. I'm sure he'd be a big help to Mom and Dad taking care of me. He'd be a great distraction and would keep me busy while Mom tries to get her cleaning done! HA! I'm sure he'd teach me all kinds of bad habits like making mud pies, and climbing dangerously high trees, and sledding down hills that would make Mom have a heart attack. I would love that! I also bet he'd be a great protector too. No one could mess with me cuz they'd have to go through Charlie! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mess with him. He'd probably want to hold me, and read to me, and go grab diapers when Mom needed one. I'm sure he'd be such a good helper. I really wish I had a chance to meet him, but I know I will someday. Happy Birthday Big Bro! Mom and Dad miss you to pieces.

Love, Henry

PS - I want to send another shout out to my mom and dad - Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Brady said...

Hey Henry,

Not sure why but my Mom and Dad were crying at the computer this morning reading your posting...
Charlie watches over you every day. Maybe that is why you are such an amazing, happy little guy?!

Tell your P's happy anniversary!


Momma Banks said...

I don't think there were any dry eyes across the U.S. today from your loyal readers Hank. You and Charlie are in our thoughts today for sure.

gina said...

Love you so so so so so much.

GramaE said...

We will never forget those couple of months that Char Bear blessed our lives with his presence. He changed us all. Hen, you are so lucky you have him up there pulling for you. He will serve you well. Love, Gram