Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top O' the Mornin' to Ya

Grampa said I'm no more Irish than ?/&%. Oh well, I thought I'd at least acknowledge the day. Grama dressed me in green too!! As you can see I was up early cleaning (that's what Grampa does on Saturdays), all before my 9:00 AM nap. Then we went to Kessler's and saw some people there. A lady named Tammy (Grampa's secretary) was there and she scared the begeebers out of me. I started crying right there in the dairy department. There was another guy there that commented on my weight. Rude!! Then we went straight home so I could nap. Grama's has been pointing that camera at me all day. She got an accidental shot that really shows my new tooth good. I know some of you were not able to see it in my earlier post. This afternoon, Grama is going to make a chocolate cake and she promised I could help by licking the beaters if I was good. We are going to go see Great-Grama E's tomorrow.
So knock me down with a shillelagh! It's a grand day!
Until next time,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Baby Boy! Mama & Papa here! We miss you a lot! We´re so glad you are helping with the chores to help pay for your keep. We´ve raised you right! Love the new shirt too! You´re too cute and it makes us miss you more. We will see you a week from today baby. We will be checking in on you, so tell G-ma to keep up the good work on the blogging. She is very advanced and funny!!

Love you so much booger, Mama & Papa