Saturday, March 24, 2007

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hello to all, This is the last blog that Grama will be helping me with. I GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!! I'm so excited to see my Mama and Papa. Not that I didn't have fun with Grama and Grampa, but there's no people like my parents...they are my favorite. Like I said, I did have fun with Grama and Grampa. For example, today we went out to Wylie Park and I got to swing for the first time. As you can tell, it wasn't my best time. Then I tried the slide and that didn't work out so well either. I did like watching the other kids though. They made me laugh!! We got to look into Storybook Land, but it was closed. I have to come back in the summertime so I can go on the rides there. Tonight we went out to dinner with Darnell and Nettie. I really like them. Darnell made me giggle so much. There were a bunch of cute waitresses too! I'm so tired now and am so anxious for tomorrow to come. So I'm going to go to sleep and dream....

There's no place like place like....(night-night)

Good bye from Aberdeen,

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